Monday, September 05, 2005

Phew - back to the real world

Well loads happening, I came back off holiday to find that I still have a job, great ;-)
My eldest starts a new school tomorrow, we ran out of patience with the local Comprehensive.
I start the Ten Countries Run at the end of the week - just a drive in the country really. 2500 miles of pretty much non-stop motoring in a 30+ year old Triumph. I'm doing the run with a couple of mates in a Dolomite Sprint - Carl Shakespeare and Colin Wake who I've known for several years now. Colin aka the Scrapman has provided me with loads of parts for my cars and gave me the tip off that lead me to buying the Sixfire for Claudia. Carl's a fellow TSSC Hants & Berks Area member and has looked after us on numerous camping trips as he has all the gear! We of course were crap and forgot everything so he kept us safe - OK well it was his partner Becky really!
I had tried to get Dave Pearson of Canley classics interested but he just couldn't commit, so I jumped ship. Fortunately he eventually succumbed to my constant nagging and is doing it with Dave Walker in the Canley Classics Vitesse rally car - well done the two Daves!
If you want to check out our progress take a look at the SMS diary pages here this worked really well the last time and should allow anyone interested to pick up live news of the event.
Right, I'm off back to work :-)


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