Saturday, December 31, 2005

Parts collecting

I needed an inertia cutout switch for the PI - there are original Lucas ones out there but they seem to go for silly money. As this is a safety thing - in an accident it will shut off your fuel supply - I thought I might just spash out and buy new - eBay of course! They were cheap so I bought two :-) Posted by Picasa


traviscollins2195 said...
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vitessesteve said...

Jason I picked up an Stag Inertia switch for a total £5.35 of ebay. There is one available on ebay at present.

As a matter of interest how much were the new switches.

All the best

AKA vitessesteve

Jason said...

That's a good price mate, how did I miss that? The new ones were £7.99 inc each. Contact the guy through this he has loads and seems to do a bit of buying and selling of components.