Friday, February 03, 2006

Tyred and emotional

Well I took the plunge and bought some new tyres for the Vitesse, it did tend to eat the old ones ;-) I was a bit amazed at the decline of the 13" tyre - it was actually hard work to find decent tyres at a reasonable price. In the end I went to Toyo Proxies from I still have to arrange fitting but the tyres turned up here whilst I was away this week. I dropped into Canley Classics on the way home again (I have a project running in Manchester so when I'm not in Norwich or Reading, I'm there!). I had loaded up those two Herald tanks to drop off with Dave for when we fit the injection.
I was a little late getting there (6pm) and the place was shut up but I knew they'd be in the pub and sure enough, down at The Manor was Dave and Brummy Dave who I bought the Vitesse off as well as Claire and Dave's mate Adam. Now Brummy Dave misses his Vitesse and I think regrets selling it but has always said he's pleased I bought it because he will get to see it. I've promised him a drive when the PI is fitted. I'll seek him out on the RBRR, he's doing it in his TR6.
On the subject of the RBRR I'm pleased to say that I've found a co-driver. Andy "Cookie" Cook will be accompanying me and other crews on one of the best Triumph events there is. The Round Britain Reliability Run, the RBRR or just the Round is a Club Triumph marathon - once round Britain, just over 2000 miles in 48 hours non-stop. A great event I first found put about in 2002 and entered in 2004 with Dave Pearson and Jerry Mallon (from Wisconsin) - we used Dave's Triumph developement V8 saloon for that.
Anyway, enough banter - more news as it happens :-)

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