Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Poor old git

I stopped off at Canley classics yesterday, on my way to Newcastle for work. I found Dave walking around like an old man who's just soiled his trousers! Yup, Pearson has done his back in, it wasn't a pretty sight. The poor old crumbly was hobling around like some sort of slow motion Teurett's sufferer, yelling some choice phrases as an invisible nurse wiggled red hot needles in his back. I did what any friend would and took the piss, then bought him a beer which seemed to help.

Poor old codger, too many years juggling engine blocks. I'm going back tomorrow so I'll drop in and see how he's doing. If you're waiting for bits from Dave, be patient.

It seems the season for injury, a couple of Triumph pilots have had accidents recently, only one in a Triumph but both have involved serious injuries.

Be careful out there people!

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