Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lock-up garage for rent in RG1 area of Reading

Now rented for at least 6 months, from 10/10/08

I have a property in Reading that I look after for my parents who live abroad, at the last change of tenants the garage became surplus to the new people's needs. It's a standard single garage in a block in front of the flats, long enough to get a Triumph and loads of spares in. No power or light but it's quiet and reasonably secure (it's never been broken into in the last 10 years+ we've had it) Conventional up and over door and easy access that's always clear.
It's just off the Tilehurst Road near the junction of Prospect Street - walking distance to the station and town centre. I guess you could park your car and walk down to catch the train if you want - come to think of it that might be a good plan!

I'm looking for £35 a month and as far as I can see it'll be available for however long the bill gets paid. I'm happy to keep the garage and flat separate so I don't intend chucking you out - say 3 months notice either way?
We can draw up a formal agreement and there'll be a deposit/up front payment of a couple of months rent so you could be tucking up your next project or your mistresses car for £70 down.
You can't really work on the car there, store nuclear weapons or illegal immigrants in , it's just a lock-up.
Get in touch via this page if you're interested, just make sure you give me your name and a some contact details so I can follow it up.

Now rented out at least until 10/10/09

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