Friday, March 27, 2009

Wow – not only pictures but moving pictures of BYE377H, aka Car No 1 at the start of the World Cup Rally

On the advice of one the discussion boards I visit, I took a long overdue look at British Pathe Limited and found some interesting stuff.

The search engine takes a little getting used to, the previews are low quality and the full versions are expensive but you can get a preview for free.

All sorts of stuff there including this one

You can download stills from the movies and I was going to put a few up here as I figured no one would mind. Wrong - I enquired and got a nice email saying that they'd charge me so you'll just have to go there and download them yourselves.
There's stills of BYE377H the 2.5PI of Buchanan-Michaelson sporting Rally Number 1. I never realised it had a red stripe over the bonnet - until Dave rubbed the paintwork off and showed me, then I found these pictures, that I can't show you!
There is a very brief clip of the car driving past and here it is with that red stripe over the boot and rear wings as well!
No sound and the whole thing is silent and only 6 mins long, so far I can't find any more footage - £500 to show you the full thing and £25 a still

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