Thursday, November 12, 2009

The first 36 entries are in

For those of you pestering me for entry numbers, here are today's entries, all 36 of them. Not bad for the first day. This is the order in which I opened the bundle of envelopes, the only ringer is me, I gave myself number 13 again

1 Mike Bishop
2 Bill Davies
3 Nick Jackson
4 Claire Hill
5 Jim McGuiness
6 Colin Radford
7 Jonathan Clegg
8 Steven Burrows
9 Floyd Pattie
10 Andrew Johnson
11 Jayne Spicer-Adams
12 Malcolm Swingewood
13 Jason Chinn
14 Craig Bennett
15 Alex Chandler
16 Brian Cox
17 Andrew Dann
18 Clive Senior
19 Tim Hunt
20 Malcolm Philpott
21 Jessica Brake
22 Roger Hogarth
23 Dave Kirk
24 Yossarian Gay
25 Keith Dandridge
26 Allen Foster
27 Graham Whiting
28 Wayne Scott
29 Michael Helm
30 Mark Bland
31 Howard Brissenden
32 Dale Barker
33 Tom Key
34 Mark Mclean
35 Doug Foreman
36 Tim Bancroft

Now a word of caution - I have yet to fully record all the details and check membership details so if you see your name there and you haven't renewed your membership, pull your finger out! Put simply, if you or one of your crew are not a Club Triumph member then you will not be accepted onto the run. This year I am going to have to be strict on this.

As soon as I can, I will create the web pages to upload onto the proper RBRR website and provide the usual fuller details of crews and cars.

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