Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Does anyone know if........

There's a PDF version of the Triumph parts book for the TR6 that I could download now? I'll buy one at the next show I go to but I am away from home and need to check some parts, their orientation on the car and their numbers.

By way of a quick update, I'll be collecting the "new" TR6 on Thursday having just had the unpleasant experience of paying for road tax :-(. That's the first time I've had to do that on a Triumph, not nice.
The car is looking very yellow at the moment fresh out of the paint shop and needing it's external trim refitting but I hope to share some photos soon, unless I can figure out how this iPad app works!


Martin Randle said...

The car looks absolutely gorgeous Jason!

Mr Raider here!

Jason said...

Thanks Martin, I pick it up tomorrow so will see just how good it really is then, there are lots of interior trim jobs to do but whilst I have been negotiating the sale and waiting for the repaint, I have been acquiring the parts. With another week's holiday off work I should get the seats rebuilt and the car looking good inside as well as outside.