Tuesday, December 26, 2006

10CR Co-driver quest

Well my RBRR co-driver Andy can't make the 10CR (wedding anniversary and a conscience) so I've been quietly looking for a co-driver to help me take the Vitesse up the mountains and round the 'ring. Trouble is there are loads of people out there who'll do it but who would you trust with your car and who can you sit next to for days on end talking bollocks and getting lost? So in the best tradition of finding mates to do daft things with I was having a few beers at a neighbour's house on Christmas day when a co-driver came into view. The kids round here are a good lot of lads, we've not seen any neons but we have seen Corsas and Clios, Fiestas and Peugeot 106's - oh and a lovely VW Golf GTI turbo nutter bastard thingy. That Golf is driven by Joe, one of the older sons of the neighbourhood. Anyway, Joe's always taken an interest in fast cars and my cars as well, Christmas day was no exception, we'd last spoken over a broken crank and an engine in a thousand pieces so we were catching up. Chatting away about the next run, the 10CR it was clear Joe was interested in having a go, especially when I said I was looking forward to a lap of the Nurburgring. So later on, when we were all marginally more sober, Joe came over to say he was definitely interested and so I've got a co-driver :-)
I think Joe will be a good co-driver, he likes a bit of speed, is keen, fairly young and stupid, used to staying up all ours (works shifts as a copper) and has never driven a Triumph before - ideal!

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