Thursday, December 14, 2006

The engine is back!

Just got back from Canleys with my engine and the bill :-) I'm really pleased with the outcome and although it's been a bit of a roller coaster - finding things that lead to more new bits etc - I'm philosophical about it. We didn't just replace everything and hang the expense, we carefully selected the best of the two and half engines I had. In the end the basic spec was pretty reserved, it's built for reliability. The original head's been reworked with all new valves and unleaded seats, new spring caps etc. The Mk1 rocker gear was pretty worn, the shaft is scored and so I'll use a good Mk2 set I have - I'll strip it down and check it first but it looks good. The block's the original - the cross drilled cranks and early rods are topped with new pistons which were pretty much spot on and didn't need machining - they pop-up into the gasket (Dave did give me the measurement but I forgot it!). Everything was balanced, inc clutch. The rods did need quite a bit of work but the crank was very close. Rings were carefully gapped, all new bearings etc The original TH2 cam was fine and went back in, timed up - interestingly this now looks to jave been about 1/2 a tooth out because it's not in the same position as the original. New chain, tensioner and crank sprocket were used as were new high tensile bolts for the timing gear. Most of the hardware was renewed, I've got some lovely stretched main bearing cap bolts, I'll take some better photos as these really are amazing!
I've got to paint it and build the ancilliaries up to go on it etc. I had intended to have the engine bay cleaned up and chassis painted by now but that hasn't happened, I'll do it before I put the engine back in.
Seeing the engine back in the garage has brought me some enthusiasm to get on with it again, especially as Dave's done such a good job on the engine.
More on the blog in the weeks to come, if work and Christmas allow :-)

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