Friday, August 24, 2007

Ouch!!! That really (and I mean REALLY) hurt!

So imagine the scene, I am back from holiday, tanned and completely knackered, been travelling for 12 hours through the night and I'm a bit, well, clumsy. I have some bad news and then some good news on the phone, more about that later. Whilst I'm taking and making these calls I'm thinking "I need some sleep". Then I hear my mobile ringing but I've put it down somewhere, I walk quickly out of the study and with my bare foot I clout the door frame, hard, very hard, as hard as I can! Ouch, that really hurts, I hobble about and miss the call, I look down and my little toe is at the weirdest angle you can think of, it's well broken!!
So that's a few hours in casualty, a couple of x-rays and some "manipulation", a little bit of swearing and a bucket of pain later and I'm done. It's all strapped up now and quietly turning blue and yes, it still bloody hurts!
I should be able to drive so the 10CR is still on, I should be able to walk on it in a few days/weeks so the trips to India are still on but now, I need some sleep!

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