Friday, December 28, 2007


We pick up the Saab next week - needs an MOT and some odds and sods including a very boy racer carbon fibre dash! In the meantime I've been investigating retro fitting heated seats, apparently all the wiring is there you just need the switches and the heating elements and several hours to fit them! So, I was on eBay looking for the parts when in my search I turn up a pair of switches in the US, $22 delivered to the UK. As the Saab new price is over £40 each I bought them, well here's the amazing thing, they arrived today! The guy posted them on Christmas eve and they arrived in this morning's post - I am impressed.
Now all I need are the 4 heating elements for the seats oh, and the car :-)
Apparently there was an option on the 9-3 to have heater rear seats too although the dealer we bought the car from said he'd only ever seen one UK 9-3 with them fitted - might be an interesting project!
I'm not abandoning Triumphs by the way, I still have the Vitesse - I think I'll always have a Triumph, I've had one since I passed my test with only ever about 2 years gap when I lived in a terraced house with nowhere to keep anything.

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