Saturday, December 22, 2007

I've done a bad thing

I'm not very good at Christmas shopping, this morning I realised I had bought nothing for my wife. So today I took her out and bought a Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible.

With me doing a bit more travelling she needed a more practical car with 4 seats and, well the Sixfire isn't it - it's done us proud for a few years, sailing through every MOT without anything needed and still looks as good today as it ever did. I had tried to talk her into a Stag but she wasn't really having any of it. So, as we both like Saabs I had been looking for something suitable and this one came along. Black, one owner, full Saab history, Hi Output Turbo, seriously good leather interior, etc, etc - well over my budget and I am reliant upon the next bonus to pay for it but what the hell, you only live once!

So, what does that mean for the Triumphs, well it means that a very pretty 6 cylinder Spitfire needs a new owner, yes the Sixfire is for sale.

I'll do the blurb and put some photos together soon, I'm actually not in any hurry to sell it as I want to get a good price for it - I don't want anyone thinking I'm a desperate winter seller. It's been an excellent car and still looks the part, I need top dollar for it so I'll make sure it gets the full shine and show treatment in the New Year.

Claudia won't want to see it go but there's a limit to how many cars we can have :-)


Raj Yerasi said...

Hi, just out of curiosity, how much are you asking for the Spitfire? Can you email me some details on it? Many thanks, Raj

Jason said...

Raj, send me your email address and I'll send you some more photos and some details. I intend to get the car to Stoneleigh in Feb but in order to do that I need to solve a problem with the cooling fan controller (it's a fancy Pacet one) that seems to be misbehaving at the moment, needs investigating. Whatever the problem is I'll sort it before I sell it or if someone wants the car as is we can negotiate. We're looking for around £5500, to be sold with 12 months MOT, it's tax free.