Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dilemmas and quandaries - your advice please!

So I've just sold the Sixfire, it's now with it's new owner in York. I hope you enjoy it Andrew and get out there and use it. If you need any advice on which events to get involved in just shout.

Now I'm looking at the other Triumph in the garage and thinking whether it's time for a change. You see I've stumbled across a rather nice Mk1 2.5Pi Saloon that I've sort of taken a shine too. I can't really have both (no space, cash, time to tend to them both) so it's one or t'other.

I really love the Vitesse, it's got an engine that's just been run in and raring to go, a fresh gearbox and is pretty good order. She's no concourse beauty but a used and enjoyed tool. What's it worth? I don't know, I hope the right side of £4000 with the original matching seats back in and the hardtop included. Maybe more if I put some sweat and titivation into the paint work.

What's the PI worth or more importantly, what can I get it for? Well I don't know, I'll have to make some serious enquiries.

So I've made a poll, you help me decide because to be honest, I can't! If you're viewing this from the Club Triumph pages then scroll down to the bottom and click "more from Jason Chinn" to go to my Blog pages and you will see the poll on the right.

I can't have both :-(


Martin Randle said...

I'd go for the PI Jason.

But then I prefer a TR7 to a Vitesse so some would question my judgement!

Paul Bodiam said...

Hi Jason

Don't sell the Vitesse, why not take off the PI kit, take out the nice engine and store it safely away, stick a "normal" 2litre back into it and then let no. 1 daughter drive it instead of getting her a coupe?