Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's home!

Well it's been a good few days. I got a lift up to Dave's place on Thursday afternoon and started the tinkering. Dave left me too it but it was good to have him around to help with my stupid questions and hamfisted ways of doing things!

The car looks good on those KN Gemini wheels, they fill the arches really well with 195/60 15 Toyo Proxies on. I had some issues with the wheels over the Stag brakes, I hadn't realised just how much bigger the Stage brake drums are. It looked like the lettering on the brake drums was fouling the wheels, so I had at it with the angle grinder and they were better but still not good. The drum and wheel were not in full contact, I needed spacers. Went down to the local factors and picked up some 3mm and 5mm ones, the 5 mm ones were good.
Whilst the wheels were off I also too the grinder to the arch flanges - just to be on the safe side. Now with the extra clearance I can get two fag papers in the gap ;-)

Just thought I'd pop this one in, new Konis, new Witor springs, recon driveshafts and arms, Stage brakes with new cylinders, all new lines. The brakes got a bit dusty but they were fine once I blew that off. The black you see is rust proofing - Dynotrol
I started adding up what the previous owner had spent on the car, I stopped when I got to twice what I paid and that was before I added in any labour as he'd had it all done for him. I've been really lucky here and I'm so pleased I was in the right place at the right time.

There are lots of jobs left to do, many small things that need to be done but the basic car is ace!

Despite the fact that it is a bargain I still couldn't afford it so now I just need to get the Vitesse sorted and sold!

Some things I need if anyone has them, please get in touch with prices :-)

  • A PI air filter element housing, I have the "log" I just need the "can". Any condition considered.
  • A pair of stainless steel sill trims (I'm poised for a pair on eBay now). UPDATE - they are mine :-)
  • The clock seems to be mullered so I wouldn't mind one of those, nice square thing it is too.
  • The correct round knob twin choke cable.
  • Shadow blue (or black) boot carpet - I've been promised a black Mk2 one so I can try and modify it, we'll see how that can be done.
  • A good Mk1 PI steering wheel (I have a loaner one to try)

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