Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bleeding clutch

The clutch on my PI is bled, I took the advice of those who've done this job before and I used the Eazibleed at 30psi and it bled first time, I need to shuffle some cars and take it for a spin to test it but it feels nice. I used a new Witor spring with an alloy cap (in place of the plastic one) not sure why but that's what he sent me. Pedal feels firm and positive now. The old seals weren't totally knackered but the fluid (new silicon) was full of black bits when I cleaned it all out and on close inspection the main seal does seem a little deformed. The new spring was noticeably longer than the old one which was in one piece and felt OK - I'll keep it for a "spare".

The Master cylinder bore looked good so I gave it a little hone and cleaned it all up.

It's a bit of a fiddly job under the dash but it was all pretty straight forward - reassembling the master cylinder was a bit of a pain, getting that new seal in place made my fingers ache!

I even turned the interior door handles round the way I think they should go and had a fiddle with the choke cables I've bought but then found that I don't have an y trunnions for the ends - well at least I do but I can't find them! Still teh cables in place and seems to fit, the microswitch didn't work on the "new" cable so I fitted the old one back on - seems OK. The knob's not right but doesn't look too bad - I think I have a Mk2 cable there. The old knob might come off with a hacksaw and I could make it fit but let's get the mechanism owrking before I mess about with my knob ;-)

The new plug leads seem to work but I kind of ran out of time, energy before the test drive (have to move 2 cars to get it out!) so I'll test it all another day.

Yup, today was a good day.

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