Friday, May 16, 2008

I feel the need...... blog.
It's a strange thing but I just feel rather frustrated, I'm sat listening to a "conference call" at the moment. This is what I do now instead of meetings, we all call up a number and try and sound like we know what we're doing whilst in fact we could all be doing anything! This one's even more tedious than usual as it's an HR show and tell call where I;m only really required to listen.
Anyway, went up to Liverpool this week, dropped in to see Dave Pearson on the way, collected some bits for the PI that he's promised me. Also paid money for some new stuff - a set of plug lead (all will be explained) and some dizzy "O" rings to see if I can cure the oil leak out of the dizzy drive.
The rest of the parts to fix the clutch had also arrived along with some trim clips for the sill finishers. So now I loads of jobs for the weekend :-)
The HT leads are for an experiment and it goes a little something like this.
I have some very nice Magnecor leads on the PI, they were expensive but well made, I had them on the Vitesse before.
On the Isle of Wight I experienced a misfire, couldn't trace it but every time I popped the bonnet and had a fiddle it seemed to go away. I then thought that the leads were working loose where they connect to the distributor cap - every time I checked them there seems to be space for movement, ie I could push them down onto the dizzy cap. The "boots" over the connections are chunky and I think they are pushing the leads off the cap somehow.
OK all this seems rather weird and unlikely so I just bought a cheap set of standard leads so I can swap the lot out and run with the cheapo ones on to see if that isolates the problem. We'll see - of course I'm not going anywhere until I fix the clutch!
Whilst in Liverpool I delivered an eBay item I sold to a guy who came over from Huddersfield - cheaper than the postage for him and no hassle for me really.
I was even able to drop back into Dave's on the way home, talk him out of some more bits for which I had to buy all the beers and crisps (he drives a hard bargain). As part of my courier duties I also picked up a forgotten engine component for Carl, it's sat on my desk now mate!
Well the call is coming to the bit where I have to talk so time to sign off and do some real work....

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