Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Check lists and ticks

Find brake problem - tick
Get parts - tick, cross, tick
Fix brakes - tick
Get MOT - tick (v pleased)
Pack for Isle of Wight - later....

Well it started off as a bit of a mission, wrong parts turned up for the master cylinder, panic to get the right ones, supplier didn't post them on time, second MOT cancelled but eventually I got the right ones and rebuilt the master cylinder. Got it all back together and of course was now out of MOT so couldn't really take it for an extended test drive. It "should" be OK and thankfully is was.

MOT passed with no adviseries, brakes feel good, car feels much better - I may even get to the Isle of Wight and back without any dramas this year :-)

I will of course be taking many, many spares but that's for another day (there aren't many left). However, at the moment I am a happy bunny and have treated the car to a tank for of the good stuff, which after taking the very long way home from the MOT station, it seems to like.

Next stop, the Isle of Wight.

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