Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The next conundrum!

OK so the rough running is largely sorted, at least I can start tuning from a position of normality! Now the next weird issue - brakes.

For a while I have had an intermittent braking problem, the brakes come on and stay on, at first it felt like one front caliper was to blame. I'd had issues with it throwing it's fluid out of the seals a while ago, I;d renewed the seals and then it happened again so I replaced the while unit with a recon one and all was OK for a while.

Then it started again, you're driving along and the car feel sluggish, you change gear and realise that the car slows down a lot between the change, the brakes are on! You try and drive through it and it just gets worse, pull over and you have very hot brakes, all brakes not just the fronts.

OK so I think this is weird, must be a collapsing flexible hose acting like a one way valve, so I replace all 4 and bleed the brakes. Tonight whilst giving the car a good spanking to see if the rough running is cured, I get the same issue, brakes on.

So, I think, well it can't be the flexible hoses, it must be the servo multifunctioning. Easy isolated, I disconnected the vaccum hose, plugged it up and went for a drive - bugger me if the same issue doesn't come back, just as bad as before. I had to pull over and wait for the smoke to drift off the brakes!

Now the car has a Mk2 bulkhead servo on it and I've never had this apart but I wonder if it's just in need of a rebuild? I hold fluid, feels OK, stops the car when asked, with or without the vac pipe attached.

So, what the hell is happening here??

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vitessesteve said...

When did you last change the fluid? Water in wet brake fluid can boil and lock the brakes on.