Saturday, March 18, 2006

Never seen one of these before - have you?

Clocked this on eBay the other day, it sold over my budget - I am tight fisted when it comes to this sort of stuff :-) It's quite a nice sticker, as stickers go.
I might be less mean the next time one comes up. The thing I;d really like to get hold of, wither original or just a copy is a set of rules and regulations for the rally - would be good reading. I did see a set on eBay a few years ago but they were withdrawn from sale and the vendor wouldn't enter into correspondence about whether they sold privately or for how much. Shame really.
I have to go into London next week and thought I might try and take a look in the British Library to see if I can find the newspapers of the time or at least understand how I can find them! It all depends on whether I have the time or not. Posted by Picasa

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andy t said...

That Rover came to live in Oz... there was an article about it recently in a local magazine..... it was massively modified and ended up only Rover in spirit... it still exist as a gutted modsports shell