Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wheels and tyres

Anyone want some cruddy Spitfire wheels, some with tyres, some without (can't say I;d trust the tyres on there although one is brand new. Also some loose tyres of varying tread depth, all just about legal. A few beer tokens secures them, collection only - photo when I can be bothered :-)


reeksy said...

Why Jason ... you make them sound so appealing :-)

Jason said...

Oh sorry I meant to say "Excellent wheels andtyres for your Spit, wheels have a few rust spots. Tyres are run in and have optimum tread depth for suberb performance. A range of tyres are available to suit all your needs." :-)
They are serviceable and free what more can I say? I just didn't want them to go in the bin. Shall I post them to you mate??

reeksy said...

Throw in a free Spit the customs paperwork and the postage, and I'll be happy to take the wheels off your hands! :-)