Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back in the world again

Well after a good 60 hours awake I am finally feeling human again. Watching the news footage about Terminal 5 and hearing the reporter whinge on that he had to wait 20 minutes to check in I just wish he was with me in Delhi - four and a half hours to check in and get through immigration (security was a 5 minute job) and that was to get out of India! Never mind, it was a good trip and I only got Delhi Belly once, which was a bonus :-)

Whilst out of the UK I managed to buy a 2.5 PI, some TR6 wheels, some replacement phone parts for my daughter (who wrecks mobiles with ease), a 2000 worshop manual (for 99p) and an almost complete PI system (again a bargain - £20 inc postage).

I had no end of financial access issues, couldn't get into my bank accounts, had credit cards locked "you need to unlock the car in a UK cash machine sir" right, that's convenient when I'm thousands of miles away! The daftest thing I did was to get a little confused with the decimal point in the India ATM and draw out 20,000 Rupees (about £240) when what I really wanted was 2000 Rupees! Now 20,000 Rupees is a BIG wedge of cash, I mean I could not physically get it into my wallet! Fortunately for me I was able to pass it on to a coupel of colleagues who them put Sterling back into my account for me - Bank of Jason :-)

The other hassle I had was that the IT security in teh office was so tight I could not access my online banking for all my accounts. The account where the cash was sitting for the PI was beyond reach so I scrped together a gesture of good will for the seller and pinged that off to him. I've just followed it up with teh balance and I have now completed the purchase of a 1969 2.5 PI MkI - still can't quite beleive it's mine!

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