Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wheel meet again

Well I picked up the TR6 steel wins from Hertford yesterday, not as scabby as I had anticipated. Tyres are all ancient and decaying, three of the wheels were painted in silver hammerite and the fourth was scabby. So I whizzed the angle grinder with wire wheel over them all and slapped on some of Screw Fixes finest "hammer finish" silver paint and you know what? They look crap but hey! They are wheels and will soon get some tyres on them if I can stop fannying around and decide on a size.
I originally thought I'd just stick some cheapo tyres on, run around on them and then when finds allow I would put some nice wheels on and sell off the TR6 rims. Now. I think I might settle on 15 inch rims and put some decent tyres on that I can swap over onto the new wheels when I get them.
Now, what can I fit on standard TR6 steel wheels? They've got 185s on them at the moment so I was thinking 195/65 R15 Toyo Proxies, same tyre as on the Vitesse. I've been really pleased with them, not so soft that they don't last but soft enough to give good grip. Excellent in the wet and the dry, looks OK and not too noisy.
Then I thought I'd better get busy with to see what the best aspect ratio should be - there seems to be a lot of difference between tyre costs in these tyres, 65 series are a full 50 quid a set more expensive than say 50 series of the same diameter - weird! I've never really been into all this mix and matching of tyres. I'm probably all wrong here but I do know that if I got up a wheel size or two, I can come down an aspect ratio and keep an overall similar tyre circumference. Trouble is I don't know what a Mk1 2.5 PI should have - I know 13 inch wheels and 175 tyres but I don't know the aspect ratio - the manual is silent.
No matter, I'll sort it out eventually, I hope!

The other thing that a few hours in the garage has sown me is that there are loads of parts and spares that I should be selling on now the Sixfire is gone and the Vitesse is up for sale. Anyone want some reskinned Herald / Vitesse doors? Maybe some re-polished and re-anodised Vitesse bumpers (what's a full set worth - £150 or more?), Vitesse boot lid, steering rack, rebuilt diff, new brake pipe set, a twin carb manifold for what I think is a 1200 engine, etc etc. The list goes on! I'd better get eBaying

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