Sunday, March 02, 2008

The results of the poll and a decision made - ish

Well there she is on La Carerra Caledonia last year, looking damn fine and by the time that photo was taken, running OK.

Yes I've made a decision or rather circumstance have made the decision for me. A price has been agreed with the owner and my people are talking to his people :-)

For those who voted and expressed an opinion via email etc, thanks - the results were
42 votes cast
78 % said buy the PI
21% said keep the Vitesse
1% said the Blogger pole machine can't count

So, that's sorted then, well not really. I've still got to sell the Vitesse so if any one's interested let me know. There's plenty of specification options to sell it and I'd like to get circa £4k, whether that's achievable or not remains to be seen. It's a bit of a "specialist" car so I'm happy to feel my way through selling it.

Whilst I'm away in India for most of March you might want to have your say on wheels for the PI, it's got scabby steels on at the moment and I doubt it's going anywhere on those so I need to sort out some replacements. I still like Minilites but what else is there? If you're reading this off the CT pages, scroll down and click "more from..." to go direct to my blog and vote


Anonymous said...

Why no option for slot mags? A lowered PI on Alley Cats would look awesome! (metalflake paintjob optional!) ;)

Jason said...

I'm not really a fan of slot mags so I didn't put them as a choice, they kind of remind me of the naff side of the 70s and this is a 60s car :-)