Sunday, January 25, 2009

More World Cup photos

Considering I only had one picture of this car I am really pleased to have made contact with one of the guys who drove it on the World Cup rally, Brian Englefield. He's very kindly sent me a few photos of the car on the event and in subsequent campagns.
Here's UKV701H the LHD entry of Brian Englefield, Keith Baker and Andrew Lloyd-Hirst, somewhere in Serbia I think
From World Cup Rally 1970

I've uploaded a few more and will blog them as I get round to it or take a look at my newly created (so it will probably fall over) World Cup Rally gallery on Picassa - click on the photo above and go there. I've included a randon World Cup photo in my Blog homepage for those who get here via the web at large rather than via Club Triumph.
Where possible I will always credit the source of the photos - this one was from a professional Rally photographer, sadly the firm seems to be defunct now as I can't find them. If anyone knows better please let me know.

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