Saturday, January 31, 2009

Triumph Rally cars - long after the World Cup Rally

Via the Atlas Bulletin Board I was pointed at another Picasa album that shows a few interesting pictures including an ex-works World Cup car, an ex-works Mk1 and of all things a rally Stag!!
The pictures were taken in 1985 at RAF Lindholme
I've added the albums owner as a"favourite" in my public Picasa profile.

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Dermot Healy said...

Nice to see the picture of the Stag. It was run by a guy called Geoff Staples..orginally with a straight 6 2500Pi engine & later with a Rover V8. It was quite successful & you can see it was seeded no1 on this event. I bought it from him about 1989ish with the Rover engine blown, rebuilt the engine & ran it on loads of tarmac & forest events for a couple of years. It was great fun to drive with a CR Rover gearbox and Jag lsd diff and provd quite reliable. I sold it to a guy on the south coast somewhere who came up & collected it at the end of a Welsh forest event...and drove it home.... Dermot Healy 07703-162409