Saturday, January 31, 2009

Triumph Rally cars - long after the World Cup Rally

Via the Atlas Bulletin Board I was pointed at another Picasa album that shows a few interesting pictures including an ex-works World Cup car, an ex-works Mk1 and of all things a rally Stag!!
The pictures were taken in 1985 at RAF Lindholme
I've added the albums owner as a"favourite" in my public Picasa profile.


Dermot Healy said...

Nice to see the picture of the Stag. It was run by a guy called Geoff Staples..orginally with a straight 6 2500Pi engine & later with a Rover V8. It was quite successful & you can see it was seeded no1 on this event. I bought it from him about 1989ish with the Rover engine blown, rebuilt the engine & ran it on loads of tarmac & forest events for a couple of years. It was great fun to drive with a CR Rover gearbox and Jag lsd diff and provd quite reliable. I sold it to a guy on the south coast somewhere who came up & collected it at the end of a Welsh forest event...and drove it home.... Dermot Healy 07703-162409

Unknown said...

I used to 'spanner' for Geoff and Ray back in the days on these events. Great times!