Monday, February 01, 2010

1970 World Cup Rally - 40th anniversary events

YouTube - Graham Robson interview - The Daily Mirror 1970 World Cup Rally 40 (Veloce)

I'm grateful to the Club Triumph forum for pointing out this little snippet on the above.

There are a couple of events I know of to mark the 40th anniversary of this geat event. The above is a commercial book launch of Graham Robsons WCR40 Retrospective work. Graham was a travelling controller on the event and has a wealth of knowledge about how it really was back then. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished book. I made all my photos available to Graham to help illustarte the book so I'm hoping they were good enough. All I know at the moment about the book launch is that it's taking place at Alperton car showroom, near Wembley on Tuesday 20th April. I don't know whether it's an "open" event where anyone can turn up or whether it's ticketed - probably best you ask Veloce Publishing.

The second event I know of is being organised by a goup of interested clubs to be held at Gaydon on Sunday 18th April. This is an event where I have been asked to help organise some exhibits and where I need some help myself.

I've had a chat with one of the organising committee and agreed to get involved, I know very little more about this event other than a date and a venue so I'll pitch up at teh next meeting with a few questions and take it from there. The meeting's on the 13th Feb so I will have more info after that. In the meantime I need help from you the Triumph public - what I'm looking for are thinsg to create a display to tell the story of the World Cup - pictures, articles, banners, memorabilia, artefacts, long forgotten rallly cars, that sort of thing.

Apparently there's covered space inside the main building to put on a display. I intend to have a couple of helpers manning the stand and keeping an eye on things to ensure everything's safe and looked after.

I have a small personal collection but most of my stuff is electronic images and they aren't the best thing to display in a venue like this. I may put together some sort of slide show to run in a loop on a screen.

Anyway, please do get in touch if you would like to be involved, have somthing you would like to display or just want to pass on the contact detauls of where that long forgotten rally car is laid up in a barn :-)


Kevin Atkins said...

Hi Jason,

Thanks for posting this video. I just wanted to point out i have replaced this video on YouTube as their was a mistake in the previous one. The book launch is in fact on the 20th. Please find the new video of Graham Robson here:

Veloce Publishing

Jason said...

Thanks Paul, I have amended the Blog post and replaced the links to the video so it shoul dall be up to date now.