Saturday, February 13, 2010

My first glimpse of the promised land

Well today's WCR40 meeting at Gaydon was a good insight onto how the day will go.

There was a great deal of enthusiasm as well as realism around the table and it was good to see that so much work has already been done to make the day go well.

I've never been that close to how these sort of shows work and have always wondered how on earth all the disparate threads get pulled together.

Tracing all the survivors is work enough and I was really pleased to hear how many of the known surviving cars will be there - pretty much all of them! Cars that haven't turned a wheel for years, are bent, awaiting restoration or just plain dormant are all coming and we're still looking!

Mechanics, driver, co-drivers, marshalls, team managers are all represented too. Some well known names have confirmed. I'm actually quite excited to meet these guys.

The details will unfold as the weeks progress but I thought it important to let people know that this is turning into one of those "not to be missed" events.

There are lots of details to work through and arrangements to be made but we are well on the way to a great show.

Want to get involved? Well we do need some man power on the day so if you're a member of one of the organising clubs then get in touch with your club. If you're not a member and still want to get involved you can email Ted or one of the organising contacts on the WCR40 Website You can email me through this blog but please do send your contact details so I can respond.

What do we need? Anything and everything World Cup Rally and Marathon rally related - if you have a car, parts, memorabilia etc then get in touch.

We've got some but we want more, we want World Cup cars, London to Sydney cars, East African Safari, UDT 1974 event cars, classic rally cars etc. So if you have one, know of one or know someone who owns one then please, tell then to get in touch.

I've been asked to look after a display of memorabilia and so if you have anything unique and interesting that you'd like to show, I'm your man. I have a large, secure, indoor facility to use. I plan to show some films and so again, if you have anything you have anything you'd like to share please speak up. We have some stuff but you know the drill, don't assume it will be there and that what you have in your collection is in everyone else's! Get in touch and we'll chat.

We are also encouraging a few of the guys who were there on these amazing events to share some reminiscences with us. The current idea is for 30 minute interviews/presentations - more on this as and when it's confirmed.

OK so you are interested but all you want to do is come and have a looksee, well great! That's what we need, so buy a ticket! The 2000 Register are handling the sales through their shop at £7.50 each.

Right, enough rambling on, I need to consider display boards, content, films, how to put enough content on display to keep the audience interested and how to organise these talks :-)

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