Friday, April 09, 2010

Oh you little b.........!

Booked the PI in for an MOT for Monday, built a nice pump from all my new bits, put that one and fired her up. Lashed up an electronic fuel pressure gauge so I can see what's going on - only shows 102 psi but it's constant. OK, let's have a little road test.
Drives like a milk float, brakes are crap too. Get home, front calliper seals have gone again! That's the second time in 18 months.

So, I won't be going to the WCR40 meeting tomorrow in the PI but at least Canley's have a Stag calliper I can buy. I have a seal kit but frankly if it's gone again in 18 months then the calliper itself is suspect - looks lovely and clean but won't hold fluid. I'd rebuild it tonight but I have a wedding reception to go to and Mrs C would kill me if we were late.

So, off to Gaydon for the final meeting tomorrow and perhaps fix the breaks on the PI on Sunday, MOT on Monday then at least have a chance of getting it running right for the WCR40 event next weekend!

It's all fun fun fun here at Chinn towers :-)

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