Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring and the end of hibernation

Following my broken brakes episode I went up to Gaydon in the modern but was amazed at how many Triumphs I saw. 2 Heralds, a Spitfire, a 2000, a Stag and TR7 - all at different points in the journey and all doing mundane things, like daily driving duties. It kind of inspired me. Not that I need much inspiration, I booked an MOT for Monday, just before the calliper let go!
Anyway, that's all fixed, new calliper from Canleys fitted, I still can't understand why the last one failed twice but it's not worth the time and hassle to try and figure it out. It's now in the core bin for a recon.
I was reminded of all the times I'd tried to use an Easibleed in my youth, connecting it up to the spare tyre and spraying brake fluid all over the place. Now older and wiser and having read the instructions I am always impressed with this gadget (and slightly ashamed that I was so bloody awful at using it in the early days!)
I've now been called in for lunch and then I'm off out for a drive, let's see if I can work my way through the poor running (no power and pulls like an IT technician at a convent). I suspect that a winter's tinkering, swapping pumps, PRVs and generally using the car as a test rig has taken it's toll. I have an electronic ignition set just sat there waiting to go on so I might do that but I don't want to screw it up before tomorrow. I can limp the thing to the MOT station as it is now :-)
Ahh, old cars, don't you just love them!

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