Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Epilogue to the event WCR40

Ted Taylor's written a very nice epilogue to the WCR40 show where he name checks those who did so much to help out and make the event a success, read it here
Epilogue to the event WCR40

There were so many that make the whole event work and I'm sure we've missed a few out but you know who you are and your time and effort was vital.

I would like to say thanks to Ted himself who, through enthusiasm, hard work and perseverance got the job done - we did have a few doom and gloom merchants who told us we would fail and that we should have started 12 months ago etc, etc. It was Ted who didn't listen and just ploughed on. I have to admit, I for one was very worried about letting anyone down, with work and homelife to balance as well as a personal obsession it was always going to be tricky. In the end the cracks didn't show, no one saw the things that went wrong and we all had a good day.

So thanks Ted and Team!

Now, photos. Please, please, please do make them available to me, I'm going to create a new Picassa album for the day and share it for all to see via my own blog and the WCR40 site Gallery. I'll credit any photographer in the album but please be aware these are for public viewing - I'm interested in making the event come alove for the overseas fans who could not make it - and I know there are lots of you because you write to me (which by the way is really good, more please!)

I'm also going to put together a list of the films we showed and try and see if I can find out how you can get legitimate copies. I know that the Cal Withers film is now on DVD (we showed a little at the very start but because of audio visual issues we couldn't interrupt the schedulled show). This hasn't seen the light of day for 30+ years and I haven't seen it all. My own copy is on it's way to me now so I'll report on the full item soon. Ian Harwood is collating orders so drop him a line if you're interested, they are £22 each inc UK postage.

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