Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Happy days

Went out to the local group meeting - it's a TSSC meet (I was the area Organiser when I was a TSSC member) but we welcome everyone from any club, no questions asked. It's a half an hour drive for me as it's in Hook, the other side of Reading and down towards Basingstoke. Nice blat along some country roads and the PI ran very well indeed, no sign of the misfire and actually feels pleasant again.
Two issues cropped up, the brake judder is not improved, if anything it's worse, despite correct hold down hardware now (thanks Ted) and despite everything working seemingly as it should. I can't figure it out, the brakes judder and it doesn't come through on the steering wheel so I'm guessing rear wheels. Yet when I apply the handbrake (whilst moving) there isn't a trace of judder. More head scratching I think.
The second thing? I flashed my headlights and the fuse blew - it didn't mean the loss of headlights, just the loss of horn, interior light, cigarette lighter and headlight flash. It was a 15 amp fuse. I don't know if that's right or not (Mk1 owners please tell me) I had some spare 35amp ones so I've thrown one of those in but I do need to investigate.
All in all a pleasant trip, I feel a little more confident now - of course two 30 minute drives means she'll make it 1500 miles to and around Scotland and back :-)

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