Friday, July 06, 2007

Alternative filtration

Whilst idly wondering about how best to provide the PI with clean air I saw these K&N filters and thought they might be a good idea. Having friends in the States and parents who go over there regularly meant that buying in the US and getting the stuff back here is seldom a problem and it's really a lot cheaper. Especially as K&Ns are really expensive here. Anyway, these turned up today - I've just laid them on the intake log to see how they fit - they are smaller than I anticipated but look like a perfect fit. They are black rubberised and not super shiny chrome which to be honest I prefer. The only down side is that they don't come apart otherwise I would add some trumpets inside - I may yet try that but as the bell end of a trumpet is by definition bigger than the end that fits the throttle body, I won't be able to get them in! Never mind, I'll figure something out.
I think I'd like to sort out some seriously big cold air trunking to them, maybe even build an air box or just a big head shield?
Oh and yes I did get it all back together and went out in it Tuesday, in the rain :-)

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