Sunday, July 01, 2007


Well that was a bloody epic, had to dismantle the starter solenoid and remake it all, then came the fun of reassembly from memory, that's not too good. even after only 30 mins - duh! Thanks to Steve for the TR6 manual which gave me the diagrams and helped me understand how the damn thing works too - always a bonus!

Got it sorted in the end and thought I'd take a look at the clutch hydraulics - wadda mistaka to maka!! I ended up remaking the line and re-siting it which also involved pulling the slave out to get the armoured hose to line up - really fiddle work. I never got round to checking or changing the plugs or putting the tunnel and interior back in. That's not to mention renewing the alternator and the seals I bought - oh and forget the new headlamps!

I did well yesterday to spend my Wedding anniversay in the garage but it didn't last as we were out to dinner with neighbours and didn't get in until early this morning. I got up to attack the car again but it's obvious I won't complete it in time for the 10:30 meeting as I also have to go through some school work with my daughter - I did promise :-)

So it's Sixfire to the rescue again, I'll take the wife's motor out for a blast. Shame really but there's no point in risking the Vitesse without any testing - been there before!

Note to self, don't leave things until the last minute - next week I will get it finished and do those nice jobs of fitting new bits.

Right, now then Hitler and his part in Crystal Night............

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