Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Little jobs done, loads left to do!

Didn't get much time atthe Vitesse tonight but felt I had to have a go

  • Fitted the new boot seal - 2 mins job, looks nice, the old one was falling apart.
  • Fitted a new Lucas 18 ACR alternator - 43 amp jobby
  • Fitted a cleaned (sand blasted) set of sooty plugs and opened up the gaps a little, I want to see what happens to them, will they foul like the others?

Still to do

  • Change the oil and fuel filters
  • Clean the inside, I can't remember the last time I vacuumed it out!
  • Fir my new K&N filters - I need to sort out the rocker breather if I do this.
  • Need to have a check over for UJ wear and have a look at the driveshafts, 10CR is a demanding drive.
  • Fit new front wheel bearings
  • Fit new weather seals on the doors
  • The horn seems rather feable, must have a look at that
  • Get some Anti-Freeze, I'd prefer some water wetter
  • Change the headlights - just to try these fancy blue bulbs!
  • Fit new steering coupling
  • Check and adjust the wiring for the power outlets, it was misbehaving on La Carerra
  • Had an idea on the rich running, I want to re-plumb the spills from the prv and metering unit - at the moment I think the prv spill is pressuring the mu spill as they are both going in to the same return pipe.

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