Saturday, November 24, 2007

On the road again

Well on the plane to Pune, near Mumbai (Bombay) today. I've created uncertainty in what the guys here are doing, prompted some confusion, provoked thought and left them wondering what the hell they should be doing, all in all a successful week :-)
Saw my first accidnet here, motorcycle got sandwiched between the back of a bus and a tractor/trailer combo, low speed impact, tractors are renown for having no brakes here. Fair play to th rider, the first thing he did was take his helmet off and whack the tractor driver round the head with it!
As for Triumphs well it's been a barren trip again. I did meet a guy from Chennai (Madras) who knew of the Standard Triumph factory but couldn't recall seeing a Herald or Gazel on the road for years.
RBRR entries continue to roll in at home :-)


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