Saturday, November 12, 2005

7 years bad luck

In using the Sixfire every day there were going to be the inevitable maintenance jobs - I was expecting those. I wasn't expecting that bits would drop off! Well if I'm honest I did - those damn clip on quarterlight mirrors always fall off. It's done it before when I was driving but I manaked to stick my hand out of the open window and catch it all! I still can't believe I did that but I did. Claudia wasn't so lucky and lost the driver's side mirror, of course there was a big truck following and that was the end of that!
So today's jobs include taking the useless passenger side one off and putting it on the driver's side. I also bought some nice Union jack dust caps for her as she covets mine - well it is her birthday :-)
I also get to wash and wax ot - oh the joys of having a nice car that has to be kept nice.
Right, off to work.....

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