Saturday, November 05, 2005

Problem? What problem??

I returned home last night to see both Triumphs on the drive - Claudia had been out in her car and hadn't been able to push the Vitesse back into the garage. So before I did anything else I thought I'd get my car into the garage and see what the trouble was. Although I didn't expect it to start I jumped in, turned teh key and it fired first time! It wasn't running great but then it was a little cold and damp - I drive into the garage and put the bonnet up. I suspected a loose battery connection but couldn't see anything amiss there - in fact it all looked fine, just as it should be. Anyway, it was late and I was tired having just done the M25 on a Friday so I'll take a look at it later today, after the inevitable kid taxi duty and some shopping.
Talking of the M25 by journey was bouyed by what looked like a Mk3 Spit in red white and rust on a trailer towed by two chaps in a Discovery. We swapped places in the queue on the Motorway - I'm sure I saw him on the M11 too so I wonder wher he was going - the car had no screen surround and looked like it was engineless with maybe a GT6 bonnet on it - H reg I think - red bonnet, white rear wings. Made me smile.

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