Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thoughts over a beer

I'm sat in Norwich in a hotel bar, specially selected because there's free wireless internet here! I've had a few beers and decided- I will do the 2006 RBRR in my Vitesse. Now, having made that decision I need to find a co-driver.
I now need to get some time together to sort out the fuel injection idea - I've sort of got the money (need to sell a few things on ebay - some parts, some computer kit, a kidney, you know the score) I just need some time to get the parts I have up to Canley Classics for the once over, a fettle and sort out. I also need to get over to Bill Davies's barn for a couple of Herald fuel tanks - I've decided that's the way to go.
So, it'll be pretty hefty on petrol, fun and noisey but the car needs it - it did the 2004 RBRR so it can do it again!

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