Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Remote fixes

So, I'm sat in a hotel in Norwich bored out of my skull and the phone rings, it's the wife. She says it's raining in Reading so when she needed to go collect one of the kids she decided to take my car, the Vitesse. OK, I took her car, the Sixfire out last night so no problem.

That's not why she's phoning, it's becuase the car just died on her at a junction and won't start, she's sat on the threshold of the junction and it's dead, click click goes the solenoid in the back ground - can you fix it she asks :-) Well I ask if she's opened the bonnet - don't be daft she says. So, I will it to start with ever ounce of my psychic power but no, it won't. Sounds to me like the batter connection is loose or there''s an earth issue - but would that cause t to stop dead? This all waits me for my return on Friday.

Suffice to say that her father came out (nice bloke but about as mechanically minded as chewing gum) and towed her back to our house. There the poor car sits, out in the rain in disgrace waiting for me to come home, fix it and then take it out for a spanking - I'm looking forward to that, the car always but always makes me smile and drive like a man possessed.

Meanwhile, I'm now tucking into a curry from room service and watching Star Wars II on TV - like's hard here.

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Martin Randle said...

I hate that feeling Jason - what can you do?

I was able to help out my daughter with a similar problem on her Ford Ka last week but it happened on ouur drive - a bit easier than being miles away in a hotel