Friday, November 11, 2005

Hide and seek, automotive style

It's troubling me this Vitesse fault - it hasn't popped up again but likewise I haven't actually found out what went wrong. As I am now spending more and more time away from home Claudia has to rely on the Triumphs. The Sixfire is fine but with 2 kids to ferry around it's not that practical, the Vitesse has to be reliable as well. The hardtop is on, against my wishes but it does make it a lot more cozy in the winter and well, if you've got one you may as well use it! So, anyone got any ideas? What would cause a car to stop and prevent it from turning over?


Craig Gingell said...

Fuel or electrics

Jason said...

Gotta be electrics as the engine wouldn't turnover. It's not performed for me like this and has been faultless ever since!