Thursday, June 15, 2006

The truth is out there

I got an annonymous email in my mail box, it referred me to a file sharing web site and invited me to download a file called 'tsscaccounts.doc' I wish I could understand accounts better.


vitessesteve said...

This is not the actual accounts. It looks to me like an extract of the information that would be filed on companies house + a credit worthyness report.

Jason said...

I've just had a call from Bill Sunderland, President of the TSSC. He asked if I could remove reference to the file from my Blog, the directors are uncomfortable about having their home addresses available to everyone. Personally I don't see the problem as you can find out this sort of information freely on the web. However, Bill asked and I'm happy to remove the link. I have no control over the file itself, I did not put it up there and can't remove it, as I said I received an annonymous email.
So it's gone, my apologies to any of the Directors for any upset caused.

Jason said...

Oh and I have sent an email to the poster of the file saying I've had teh gypsy's warning and suggested he/she removes it.