Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Grating noise explained?

Whilst driving in to Norwich this morning I had a chat with Dave at Canley Classics, he's co-driving La Carerra with me. He explained that the mystery grating noise is quite common, he subsequently sent me an email "Grating noise is easy and relatively common. Basically the prop is riding a little high in the prop tunnel and catching the strengthener plate welded inside the tunnel to beef up the handbrake lever area. This plate is welded in at an angle, so if the gearbox is mounted slightly to the left it catches this plate (and nearly invisible from underneath!). Move the gearbox over towards the drivers side by slakening off the mountings and shoving it across, sometimes a few mm will do it."

Sounds like a plan, I'll have a go later in the week when I'm back home, failing that I'll do it up at Dave's place on the way :-)


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