Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oil your nipples Madam?

I have loads of grease guns, people seem to find them in sheds and give them to me as they know I have "old cars" so when I came to oil the trunnions on the wife's Sixfire it came as a shock that each and every one of these grease guns was crap! I started with the one I always use but the seal on that finally gave up and I was left in a pool of EP90 so I went through the rest and they were all useless for oil - I actually threw two away. So I gets on t'interweb and had a look through the archives of the various messageboards as I knew this had been discussed at length before - what's the best grease gun to use? I came up with this

It arrived today from Machine Mart - very nice too. I also bought some new feeler gauges having misplaced my metric set. I just need to get out of the DIY for a few hours and have a go at those trunnions again - I don't want to suffer the same fate as Jony5 http://jonysspit6.blogspot.com/2007/05/ok-ok-ill-update-blog.html could have so much worse. Yes that is what prompted me to oil them although I do them twice a year anyway even though the car travels very little it's a 10 minute job and costs nowt.


Anonymous said...

Good choice Jason - the same as I use

Jony said...

just show everyone how rubbish my car is eh jase ;) lol wait no i did that by putting it on my blog! doh! get oiling them trunnions!

by the wa if anyone ever wants a good OIL gu wanner ones come up o ebay enough (3 or 4 on atm) very good! and hold oil!