Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dressed for success

There's a limit to what you can really add onto the engine before you fit it although I did nearly get carried away. In the end I kept it fairy bare to make sure I didn't snag it on the bodywork. It got cold so I moved inside for this bit on Saturday night. Sunday was sunny and really quite warm so I dropped it in outside. Posted by Picasa


David Powell said...

Thats a bloody tidy garage, how about you come and tidy mine!

Jason said...

I parked the Sixfire outside whilst I was doing that so I had room but yes, that bit of the garage is tidy - usually! The floor needs painting again though and on the other side I ran out of paint when I did it originally. For the next 10 years it had a Vitesse parked on it that never moved so now that needs some attention.