Monday, February 26, 2007


I'm on a bit of an epic journey this week. Reading to Newcastle then on to Dundee and back to Reading - leg one to Newcastle was easy and I'm now enjoying a pint in the bar waiting for my dinner to arrive.
I stopped off at Canley Classics for a chat with Dave and to see if he had a single pipe, single back box exhaust system in stock. As it happened he did and so it's now in the Toyota. Although I had a twin system on my first Vitesse I don't really liked the look of them. The system that was on my present Vitesse was only recently fitted and it's a bit of a shame but I decided that I would go with the 2" version Canleys offer.
There are a number of other reasons apart from aesthetics - the PI pump sits in the spare wheel well, it's susceptible to heat. The twin exhaust boxes sit directly under the spare wheel well and so pump and exhaust are really in the worst position possible. Also, the twin system "Y" piece hangs quite low under the diff, whilst it's not usually a problem on a standard ride height car, it's pretty vulnerable on mine. With a lower swing spring and lower front springs the car does sit pretty low and I'm plagued with bloody speed bumps around where I live so I wanted to try and increase ground clearance whilst maintaining the ride height - the car handles well as it is. I always think the twin system is heavy too and finally, when the PI spits flame it'll be a much bigger one out of a single pipe :-)
As I've kept the mild steel 6>3>1 manifold the new stainless 2" system should bolt straight on. The manifold is a Gareth Thomas designed one, said to be the dogs danglies - it's pretty well used (see previous comments about the collector) but it works well and I'm not going to change it unless I can find a stainless copy for not a lot of money. I'm not taking the tubular manifold off again now! Not after the weekends fun and games :-)
So if you want a twin box system in stainless look out for it on eBay soon -I will have to dig out the invoices form the history file and see what it cost new and how old it is as I don't really know what it's worth. Collection only from Reading I think.


David Powell said...

I think you should post some pictures of this manifold. Show people what nice collectors it has!

Jason said...

When I'm back home I'll have a go at taking a photo or two but I'm not taking tha damn thing off again now!