Saturday, February 17, 2007

I've been to the dark side

I was looking for some Penrite or Millers running in oil and stumbled acrossBeech Hill Garage just over the motorway from me. Popped in there this morning, nice place, nice people and got what I needed. Stood and had a chat with the owner who explained that I should use the use for no more than 500 miles "If you find it hard to do that many miles you could just keep it in for 2 to 300 miles" he said - "not do 500? You're having a laugh" I said, "I'm a Club Triumph member and am signed up to do over 2000 in 10 Countries later in the year" - there then followed a chat about the RBRR and the 10CR, as we parted he said "That must be awesome, all those cars out on the road" and he's not wrong.
Surprisingly he had only the one head, no scales and wasn't eating small children - perhaps they are normal types these MG people? Must make a point of driving past when the Vitesse is up and running again - right off to the garage with me for more gearbox fitting attempts :-)

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