Friday, February 23, 2007

What a stud!

Well several studs actually.

You know how it is, you take something apart, you carefully put all the fastenings safe so that when you come to reassemble it all, you have everything to hand.

Well that's the theory, the fact is I couldn't find ANY of the studs that attach the manifolds to the head - I've got the little butterflys, some washers and the brass nuts but studs, nope! Now I know I took them all off the head before it went away for machining - been there before and learnt that you send a bare head and get a bare head back. Otherwise you send a head with studs etc and get a bare head back and sometimes a bigger bill!

Anyhooo - I decided that rather than keep turning the garage upside down I'd just get new ones, I like new fastenings, sad but true :-) I know that having done this I will find the old ones immediately.

This week I've been busy, no time to do anything apart from work, making up for a day out I guess. Still I'm listening to my Chief Exec drone on at the moment, love these phone in conferences.

Working at home has it's advantages but next week I'll be hammering the Toyota in it's last couple of weeks with me. It's taking me to Newcastle then on to Dundee and then back to Reading - should be about 1000 mile round trip. For a bland modern box it's been good, should just nudge 80,000 miles in three years. So good that I'm having another, the 2.2 litre "T180" version - it's got a huge name on the order form, mindless numbers and letters but basically it's 180 horse power diesel eurobox.

Anyway enough of such things, back to oily bits - I also borrowed a factory PI throttle body alignment tool, essential for properly aligning the PI inlets to the head - I'll be using this and my new studs on Saturday. I may even get to fire it up - maybe :-)

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