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Today I have mostly been...

Working, well OK a little work. We won't dwell on that as it's been rather tedious today. I was going to get some Triumph bodywork sand blasted but the blaster is off on his holidays and won't be back for a few weeks. The idea was that I would get this boot lid sand blasted, etch prime and paint it next week and fit it to the Wife's Herald - I have a week off work specifically for matters Triumph next week. As this is the only blaster I'd trust with this panel I think I'll have a go with some stripper and do it "manually" - it'll take longer but as it's a nice panel I really don't want to risk wrecking it. If stripper doesn't work I can still get it blasted when he comes back. Why the change? The current boot lid has sustained teh usualy damage to the boot stay mounting and now sprts some dome headed set screws rather than the correct countersunk ones as there's no metal behind the oversize domes now! When it stops raining I'l

Here's where I saw it first - Dave's Blog

Blog Update Dave and his Canley Classics Blog as inspired by Craig the web guru - Gingell Mission Control

The Blog has landed

Hmmm, not sure this is a good idea but then nothing ventured nothing gained. I have a Blog, wonder if I will grow to love it or neglect it like so much else? Who knows, watch and learn.