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2018 RBRR

Wow, that was a roller coaster! It's RBRR entry season and once every 2 years Chinn Towers goes mental with paperwork, except this time it didn't. It went mental with web based shenanigans! We went 'on the line' as they say, gone were the paper forms, envelopes, stamps, cheques - in came the virtual world. Keith Bennett has been working away and has created a new website with an events area for us organisers to create and administer events. It's been a long time coming and we did have to burn the midnight oil to get it all working but it's there and survived. OK so it was not without it's issues but those were mainly due to the fact that the event 'engine' runs on the web site backbone so we couldn't have the event engine without the new site. The new site isn't 100% ready but I wanted to press on with the event engine and well, we did have a few issues. Most of them are due to the new site needing users to sign in and synchronise (sor

Blimey, it's been a long time.....

... since I posted anything on my Blog. Apologies, I've been busy! New job, with several new assignments, changed modern cars several times and now working away from home, no time for Triumphs, a great big hole in my leg and some general loss of mojo seem to be the general issues. So, where are things at the moment? Well firstly the modern 'fleet' - we needed a load lugger to get our youngest back and forth to Uni at Nottingham so we sold the Saab convertible (to Shedtune) and bought a Saab 93 Sport Wagon - an estate to us Brits. Great car, very capable, didn't love it so sold it on as soon as I could and bought another Saab Convertible! 'As soon as I could' was when I was able to change Poppy's classic Mini for a more motorway friendly MINI - I was amazed at how much the classic Mini had risen in value, I almost doubled my money on that car but it was a good 'um. So I then needed another car to drive to an from a new assignment I have in the West Co